Miss Kitty Dispute Reaches Climax

raisingames-com_miss-kittyFew people would dispute the very high levels of fun which can be had by playing penny slots in their favourite casino. Low on risk, high on fun, there’s very little to disagree with really!

Rarely does a story ever reach the media which involves one of these trusty games, though recently the Miss Kitty Penny Slot Machine in a certain casino in a certain city in the US state of Iowa became the central component in a rather high profile court case in the states Supreme Court.

raisingames-com_platinum-play-casino-bannerState resident Pauline McKee was playing her usual slot at her local casino back in April when, following an astounding win of 185 credits (that would be $1.85) the machine prompted a message to the dumbfounded grandmother stating that she had won an additional $41,797,550. Once the casino had, perhaps rather predictably, decided to dismiss Mrs Mckee’s request for this pay out the grandmother of 13 decided to pursue matters further.

Miss Kitty Penny Slot

Filing to sue the casino for refusing to pay out the amount awarded by the machine, which the casino insists was defective, the case was soon thrown out by the Iowa Supreme Court who sided with the house on this one.

Speaking to the Chicago Tribune following the ruling, Pauline stated: “I had my doubts from the start, because that’s a lot of money for a penny machine. I was hoping to help my children out financially, but it wasn’t meant to be.”

According to the casino, the message ‘malfunction’ was show on the machines display at the same time as the astronomical pay out, which voids all pays and plays immediately.

Since the onset of the dispute, the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission have been possession of the faulty machine and have been performing tests.


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