Judgement Ruled on Controversial Hammond Case

The sporting world seems to be one increasingly at the mercy of controversy. Whatever field or area you may be interested in; chances are there has been some kind of scandal or another to come about recently involving individuals within that area.

Lewis HamiltonIn the world of Formula One Racing, there are few names as well-known as Lewis Hamilton. The English driver has rocketed to fame over the course of the last decade, becoming widely known all over the world as the premier driver in the sport.

Fans of the driver have been far from hard-up for good news relating to their driver of choice in recent race seasons, though news recently of his Italian Grand Prix was made even sweeter by the quashing of some rather unsavoury accusations.

raisingames-com_casino-mateIt was alleged that he had breached tyre rules, his sponsor Mercedes Benz being scrutinized on the assumption that the tyres in the car which rocketed Hamilton to his seventh victory this season (and a victory which puts him 53 points ahead of second-place team-mate Nico Roseberg) were below the minimum passable pressure level.

On the track, all measures were taken by race stewards to ensure that Mercedes mechanics had in fact been following Pirelli sanctioned type protocol – namely that the tyres were at the correct temperature upon being fitted to Hamilton’s car. The lower the temperature the more of a margin there is for losing pressure as the race continues and the tyres become subject to intense heat.


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