GameAccount Wants Mobile Casino in the United States

Play and get $100 free and 130plus casino games with 70plus slot machines at Royal Ace CasinoGameAccount Network, a very well respected supplier of gaming technology, is looking to start up a mobile casino in the United States. This product should be launched near the start of 2015, if everything goes according to plan. There is no name for the company partnering with GameAccount, but it is believed to be a United States corporation. The two will combine to launch this mobile casino software.

There is no more information on the partnering company because GameAccount is yet to receive approval from the relevant regulatory authorities. This approval should be completed by the start to middle of 2015. When approval is given, there will be a formal press release from GameAccount and their partner company, along with a product launch some weeks later.

These games have been described as “downloadable on both iOS and Android phones”. The games will be HTML5, which means they can also be played natively on mobile phone browsers. GameAccount is hoping that they can gain a greater customer base with this move. Not only will they be expanding the services offered, but they will be offering better quality than ever before.

GameAccount NetworkCurrently their offerings are not extended to the mobile platforms, but that should change in the coming six to eight months. Smartphones and tablets are now seen as an important aspect of online gambling, with more and more people tempted to play games on their phones.

Here is what the CEO of GameAccount, Dermot Smurfit, had to say on the matter: “We believe that this is the natural evolution of our company. Mobile casinos are now a huge part of the online gambling industry. While they only make up 5% to 10% of total revenues, this number will increase dramatically over the next five or six years. We want to be ahead of the curve. We hope that we will be able to deliver a world class mobile casino experience to our customers in 2015.”

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