A Hockey Team in Las Vegas?

Las VegasTeams in American sports love to move from cities. If a team is floundering in one city, moving it to a better populated area is usually a good way to develop a fan base. However, NHL teams like to stay where they are. They have a very stable league with little room for newcomers. That is why recent rumors of a NHL team moving to Las Vegas have been met with great surprise.

Over the past few months, the NHL has been asked a lot of questions about teams moving and Vegas being one of those destinations. They were previously dismissive regarding the Las Vegas rumors. However, their Deputy Commissioner had a few interesting words over the past few days on a potential move to Vegas.

Free bonus of $888 at RushmoreThe Commissioner talks about how he met with a group that is interested in buying the rights to a NHL team based in Las Vegas. There is a recently developed arena in Vegas, created by the MGM team, that could house a team during the hockey season. The site is beautiful, with MGM having spent $350 million on construction.

He also spoke about the allure of Las Vegas, both for fans and the league in general. He said that there would be discussions about whether a team would move to Vegas, but only if everyone involved in the NHL was open to the idea.

Daly managed to spend a few days in Las Vegas as part of his investigations into whether a team could be successful in the area. He says that he spoke to tons of people who work in Vegas. He had conversations with everyone from casino owners, tourists, regulars, and workers in the city to gauge their feelings about hockey. He was surprised to find that most people were very receptive about a team moving to Vegas.


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